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Our company offers a wide range of services in the sphere of customs clearance, including:


— Preliminary classification of goods according to HS, receiving the conclusion on the codes from the competent organization;

— Preliminary definition of customs value, rates and calculation of due customs payments of goods,

— Definition of the list of documents necessary for customs clearance (certificates and other permissive documents);

— Assistance in preparation of contracts, agreements, as well as shipping documents – invoices, packing/lists;

-Declaration of goods;

— Provision of customs inspection, sampling  of goods at customs warehouses and  areas, ensuring the presence of the Inspector of Customs post and the employee of the certification body;

-Re-registration and introduction of changes and adjustments in CCD;

-Registration of forms of Customs Value Adjustment in the recalculation of customs payments;

— Assistance in obtaining acts of reconciliation of payment settlements with customs;

-Obtaining a permit for temporary import/export, re-export and other regimes requiring the application to the customs authority;

— Obtainingthe permission to place the goods in own warehouse;

As a customs broker, we also have an option of paying customs fees for our clients.

We also provide pre-consulting services to customers before the arrival of goods in the Republic of Uzbekistan, which often leads to avoid unnecessary financial costs and wasted downtime of transport.

Our specialists will help you in advance to calculate the amount of customs payments that are inevitable during the registration of goods and unify the conditions of import of goods.

We work with companies of all existing types and with all order capacity, from small to very large.  Our specialists also carry out business service on the spot, leaving to the customer at the right address.



Our company also introduces transport agent services of vendor (consignee) of the cargo.

On behalf of our company we can receive goods and take functions of consignee in the places of arrival of the goods including payments of all terminal expenses, customs payments, as well as certification payments and obtain other permitting documents from authorized bodies for customs clearance on terms discussed with customers and based on specific circumstances of the delivery of goods.

If it is a necessary we can arrange transportation of goods to the destination through freight forwarding companies.



Our company provides services for obtaining certificates, permits, conclusions and other permissive documents from authorized bodies for the customs clearance purposes.

It is known that a significant part of goods imported to the Republic of Uzbekistan are subject to control by the state competent authorities for conformity to quality and other safety parameters.

While the whole procedure of obtaining of various certificates and permits take a certain period in some cases and includes a number of procedures, from applying to obtaining the document directly, as well as requiring the applicant knowledge of certification issues.

The employees of our certification department have considerable experience and skills in issues related to obtaining such certificates and for many years have been maintaining communications in almost all accredited bodies and laboratoriesof Tashkent, as well as regions of the Republic.



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