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If you are engaged in transportation, import or export of goods, you know that this work takes a lot of time, nerves and efforts.

You have to deal with a lot of issues related to the receipt or shipment of goods, to appeal to various authorities and agencies, wait in queues, etc. All these waste of precious time that could be used with greater for other issues.

Provide solutions of all problems to professionals, and you are free from problems and questions of customs clearing of the goods, not peculiar to your business, and use this time for promotion and expansion of your business.

You will be surprised, how easy our Company by named “HOLOS” LLC will solve these complexes.

Consultation “HOLOS” LLC

You will be received professional consultations in the field of customs legislation and issues related to customs clearance of goods transported through the customs border of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Your will have highly qualified service and experienced specialists in customs clearance, which will help you to make declaration and Customs clearance of goods in the shortest possible time.

Our company "HOLOS" makes customs clearance (import/export) of goods coming to Uzbekistan, in less than 24 hours.


Our company also introduces transport agent services of vendor (consignee) of the cargo.


Our company provides services for obtaining certificates, permits, conclusions and other permissive documents from authorized bodies for the customs clearance purposes.

Customs Declaration of goods

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